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Eugene "Geno" Williams

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Geno Full Shot Sam's Town Waterfall

It was a sad day for us August 5, 2008, when Geno lost his battle against pancreatic cancer.  He was a trooper to the very end.  Those of you who have met him and know him will always remember the strong person he was, both in character and in physical attribute.


Geno was, first and foremost, a real showman.  He was blessed with a long career and dazzled audiences with his velvet bass voice that stretched to the lowest tones with the clarity of fine crystal.

Geno and Edwin first met when Edwin joined the Buck Ram Platters 30 years ago.  Edwin was with the group four years before he left to join Cornell Gunter's COASTERS.

Not crossing paths from day to day was no challenge for the fast friendship that Geno and Edwin established.  They kept in touch, never allowing time or distance to get in the way of maintaining communication.

Edwin approached Geno in 2001 to join him onstage, as Edwin decided to resurrect the original sounds of The Coasters by adding that authentic bass voice.  It was another vocal match made in Heaven, as we so often hear the expression.

Geno's "Charlie Brown" dance left audiences spellbound with the amount of energy he exerted.   John McDaniels, concert promoter, would always ask about Geno..."Is he still with you?  Is he still doing that crazy dance? Make sure you bring him with you when you come." 

Geno leaning on railing


Geno's last concert he did with us was the last time he was able to travel and perform.  He wowed the audience at the Bob Hope Theater in Stockton, California, October 20, 2007, for his final public appearance with Cornell Gunter's COASTERS featuring Edwin Cook.

"Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart" resonated throughout the theater as he brought back that original bass lead.  Geno was a one-of-a-kind showman, and if you ever saw him perform there is no further explanation necessary.

We will miss Geno as he leaves us for another journey where he will feel no more pain and suffering.

"Geno, we love you and miss you, you're in our hearts forever, so keep on singin' and dancin', dear friend.  We'll never forget you!"

Geno @ Sam's Town Waterfall - MCU

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and the Buck Ram PLATTERS.  (Geno sported a beard many years ago.)

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