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Nostalgia Lane With The Buck Ram Platters

Nostalgia Lane With Cornell Gunter's COASTERS
1993 Federal Court FINAL JUDGEMENT

NOTE: Don't forget to scroll to the bottom to see the tribute to THE COASTERS, the original four who made this

music so famous and were the first group to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on January 21, 1987.

Cornell, Charlie, Edwin - Lead Shot


Edwin began his career with Cornell Gunter's COASTERS in early 1983. Teddy Harper, terminally ill, handpicked Edwin to take his place. Two weeks after Teddy watched Edwin make his debut with CGC in a joint concert with The Imperials at the Sands Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, he succombed to his horrible disease.


CGC - Ladder ShotCornell B&W Ladder


CGC with Hector Camacho CGC with Frankie Avalon, Tom Dreeson, Zola Taylor


LEFT: Forever clowning, Charlie, Cornell and Edwin are having a good time dragging Champion Fighter Hector "Macho Man" Commacho onto their stage to share in their mischief.

RIGHT: They continue their escapades with Actor/Singer Frankie Avalon, Comedian Tom Dreeson, and Jazz Artist Zola Taylor. Charlie is far left, Edwin far right, and of course, Cornell is unmistakeable between Zola and Edwin.

30th Anniv, CGC at tour bus.



Ec & Sonny GerraciMitch Ryder, Edwin, & Pat Upton


On the tour, "Thirthieth Anniversary of Rock & Roll," which was three summers in a row, by the way. "We would end the tour and fly directly to the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon," Edwin states.

CLOCKWISE FROM UL: Edwin with Sonny Gerraci (& Climax), "Precious & Few."

UR: With Mitch Ryder, The Detroit Wheels; Edwin; Pat Upton, Spiral Staircase.

BELOW: Al Wilson, "Show & Tell;" Bobby Day, "Rockin' Robin;" Cornell Gunter, Edwin Cook, and Chuck Negron of Three Dog Night, whose voice gave us "Joy To The World," and "One (Is The Loneliest Number)."


Al, Bobby, Cornell, Edwin & Chuck



CGC & Oldies at the Trop

Oldies 94.5 FM at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV, sponsored by the station, proved to be a very successful gig for Cornell Gunter's COASTERS.

LEFT, LtoR: At the mics, Charlie, Cornell and Edwin. They always attracted whoever was in the main showroom, as well as other celebrities just passing through. As you can see from the audience, as well as the balconies above, which surrounds all four sides, not even standing room.

LL: Edwin and Ric Flair, Professional Wrestling's "Nature Boy."

LR: Rodney Dangerfield, Actor & Comedian, stopped in to watch CGC at the Trop.


Edwin & Ric FlairRodney Dangerfield & Edwin


CGC entrance at MDA TelethonCGC & Jerry Lewis at MDA


Cornell Gunter's COASTERS was an invited act every year four years in a row to Jerry Lewis' Muscular Distrophy Telethon that is held every Labor Day Week-end. The audiences screamed with pure excitement watching these clowns of Rock & Roll.

ABOVE L, LtoR Charlie, Cornell, and Edwin.  As you can see, Jerry couldn't stand still, and for a brief period of time every year during his MDA telethons he became an HONORARY COASTER. The audience absolutely loved them.

BELOW: Cornell broke into The Charleston, and Jerry was like a kid on stage for the first time, just excited to be there, doing a great job keeping up with the guys!


Cornell & Jerry at MDAJerry & Edwin at MDA


Edwin at MDA TelethonCGC on-the-air at MDA


John Elizondo with CGCEC and Foster Brooks


UL: Charlie, Manager John Elizondo, Cornell, & Edwin backstage at Caesar's Palace, another year at the MDA Telethon.

UR: Edwin catches up with comedian Foster Brooks backstage at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas.

LL: How can anyone miss Mr. T? He's an actor, most notibly television's "The A-Team" He's like running into a brick wall, he's so big. It was always exciting at the MDA Telethon because of the array of stars raising money for such a worthy charity.

LR:  From the TV show "Mission Impossible," Greg Morris in the middle.  A CGC musician on the left, Edwin on the right.


Mr T & ECMusician, Greg Morris & EC



BELOW: A backstage after-show party for Sammy Davis, Jr. at the old MGM (now Bally's) Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

LL: Edwin and R&B great Smokey Robinson.

LR: The same after-party at the old MGM, Edwin and Natalie Cole, singer and daughter of the late jazz singer Nat King Cole. Did you know Nat was an accomplished musician, as well? He played the piano.


EC & Smokey RobinsonEC & Natalie Cole


Hector & ECBob Eubanks & EC

UL: Hector "Macho Man" Commacho sure liked hanging around the Cornell Gunter's COASTERS' stage. Here he is again with Edwin caught in the brotherhood griplock.
UR: Bob Eubanks, of television's "The Newlywed Game," and Edwin when CGC played The Playboy Club in Omaha, Nebraska.


EC with Sam & DavePeter Noone & EC

Cornell Gunter's COASTERS performed at another star-studded event at The Showboat Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Clockwise starting

UL: Sam & Dave, "Soul Man," "When Something is Wrong With My Baby," and Edwin; Dave died in an auto accident in 1988.

LL: Just had to throw this one in...Edwin's good friend Brace; John Lovitz, Actor/Comedian, and "ME" Edwin at McCarran International Airport, coming home.

Bracie, John Lubbock, EC

UR: Peter Noone, Hermans Hermits, "There's A Kind of Hush," "Something Good," and Edwin;

LR: Edwin and Del Shannon, "Runaway;" Sadly, Del committed suicide in February, 1990.

           EC & Del Shannon


CGC & The 5th DimensionEC & Two Members of 5th Dimension

ABOVE LEFT AND RIGHT PHOTOS: At the MGM Reno, CGC worked at the same time with The 5th Dimension (minus Marilyn McCou & Billy Davis, Jr. They had left the group by this time.) Sometimes even a stage would be shared at the same time. After the show, the dressing room was the hangout.


Spotlight Article

Cornell Center on Steps at The Mint

As you can see, Cornell Gunter's COASTERS had no trouble getting plenty of press. The stage above was at The Mint Hotel & Casino (located downtown Las Vegas) where all the acts went to showcase in the 1980's. (Last century? OUCH! Seems like 100 years ago when using that reference.) It is now known as Binion's Horseshoe Hotel & Casino.

ABOVE & BELOW THIS PICTURE: These two articles specifically refer to the airplane engine caught fire on the way to a gig in Hawaii...and all members of THE COASTERS except Cornell no longer wanted to fly after that incident. That's when Cornell's agreement with Carl came about to take the far-away gigs that would require flying, as Cornell wasn't going to allow that little engine fire to keep him grounded. Thus, Cornell Gunter's COASTERS were formed. Cornell agreed not to market himself as THE COASTERS, as that was, and still is, Carl's group, the original.


CGC in RJ Article


CGC's Last Recording Session with Cornell


ABOVE: Little did Edwin and Charlie know that the above photo taken latter part of 1989 while they were working on a new album at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles, California, would depict the last recording session they would share with Cornell Gunter.

BELOW: The headline speaks for itself, and it's probably the saddest day Edwin has ever experienced in his show biz career. The fans all over the United States, even the world, and the community of Las Vegas who had come to know Cornell were shocked and distraught by this horrific tragedy, but no one felt the shock and loss greater than the people closest to him... his family and his friends he shared his stage with.


CG Gunned Down Article


The above article isn't exactly accurate. It should read, "The present Cornell Gunter's Coasters group...." I know from experience that reporters can report, newspaper editors can print pretty inaccurate information sometimes, and what is printed isn't always as you delivered it in the interview.


CG Slain In LV Article


TV Interview with George Knapp & Paula Frances


ABOVE: The whole Las Vegas community, acutely saddened by this news, Channel 8 anchors George Knapp and Paula Francis conducted the interview with Charlie and Edwin. When asked where do they go from here without Cornell, Edwin replied, "I don't know...we've not had a chance to even think about it yet. We'll pay our respects to Cornell and his family first." Charlie agreed and added, "That's something we'll have to discuss and find out what the legalities are."

As it turned out, Charles Duncan and Edwin Cook were awarded co-ownership of the name Cornell Gunter's COASTERS in a Federal District Court, State of Nevada, County of Clark, in 1993, Case No. CV-S-91-946 HDM-LRL, under the governing guidelines and qualifications of common law, as each of them had had numerous uninterrupted years of performance with Cornell at the time of his death, fifteen and eight, respectively.


EC Center #1EC Cntr Frnt Castaways

Above left and right photos by Brenda Bouschard:  Copyright © 2006.

The NEW Cornell Gunter's COASTERS

struggled to get work in the beginning, not because of the fans but because of buyers who couldn't seem to get past Cornell's death. The fans welcomed them with open arms and Edwin was thrust to centerstage as the lead singer of the new CGC.  Some heavy duty shoes to fill, but he's done it well.


EC in White Tails EC in Navy


EC Center BransonEC in Audience Branson


CLOCKWISE beginning UL: An engagement at the Christy Lane Theater in Branson, Missouri.

UR: "WHY is everybody picking on me?" "Just because you were in the audience in the center front row, and you were an easy target!  How's that for an excuse?"

LL: An encore brought performers back onstage. Tony Orlando would bring everyone who would come with him from his audience at the Yellow Ribbon Theater to the Christy Lane Theater every night and hang out with CGC and Al Wilson (also performing) and enjoy the show, and he even joined Edwin onstage during an encore at the end of the show one night.

LR: Mitch Ryder, (The Detroit Wheels) would come to the show, tell his jokes and was all the time digging at Joe Frazier, the champion fighter. Edwin told him one night that he'd better stop picking on Joe, that Joe Frazier was gonna show up and kick his *** if he wasn't careful. So Edwin showed up one night looking like his (weak) version of the famous JF and walked onstage to take on Mitch Ryder. The audience was rolling out of their seats with laughter. Edwin has often said, "I didn't realize how much fun I was having until it was over."


Tony Orlando & ECEC & Mitcy Ryder in Branson

CGC in Branson, Yak Exit


An extremely successful week in Branson, Missouri, they closed every show with a standing ovation.

BELOW: Back to Las Vegas to The Mint Hotel & Casino.


EC Center PoisonIvyEC Center 2


BELOW: A concert in "The Windy City" Chicago...they should change that to "The FRIGID Windy City"... in January, 2003, started off with an on-air television appearance at WGN Studios. Larry Potash was the morning show host who interviewed Edwin. We certainly couldn't do that interview without the presence of Mayor Connor of Maywood, Illinois, who welcomed us and treated us so tremendously throughout our engagement.

CGC in Chicago at WGN Studios

Above composite photo by Brenda Bouschard:  Copyright © 2006.

Below, left photo owned by Brenda Bouschard:  Copyright © 2006.     Below, right photo by Brenda Bouschard:  Copyright © 2006.

CGC in Chicago-Group with Mayor & PromoterEC & Mayor Connor; Maywood, IL


ABOVE & LR: A reception was held for us at The Shriner's Hall after the concert.

UL: Mayor Connor, center front; Second row: Edwin; Brenda Bouschard, Edwin's manager; (No, the wardrobe wasn't discussed. The jackets were totally conincidental.); Bruce; Donna, Paul Bunyon's significant other; Poncho (a fill-in for Geno); Back Row: Otis; and Paul Bunyon, Promoter. Watch out for Paul Bunyon if you ever do business with him. (Yes, that's his real name, and he is a direct descendent of THE legendary Paul Bunyon. Buford Pusser, radical sheriff of the movie "Walking Tall" was his cousin.) Heads up: Paul doesn't like to pay his bills sometimes, and Brenda had to "deal wtih him" through the District Attorney and take some action Paul wasn't too thrilled about. She won, by the way.

ABOVE RIGHT: Edwin and Mayor Connor of Maywood, Illinois.

BELOW LEFT: The show was in a high school auditorium, and the dressing rooms were classrooms. Our guitar player Rob Goldsmith was conducting the warm-up with Poncho, Bruce, Otis and Edwin.

BELOW RIGHT: Our musicians on this Chicago gig, L to R, drummer Dave Holt, bassist John Morrison, guitarist Rob Goldsmith, keyboardist James Morris, and Sid "The Kid" Smith on saxophone.


Warm-up before Chicago concert.Chicago Concert 01-2003 Musicians

Above & Below, Left & Right photos by Brenda Bouschard:  Copyright © 2006.

EC Sound Check 3EC-CGC Soundcheck 2


ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT: In Acoma, New Mexico, Edwin and CGC at the afternoon sound tech before the concert later that evening.

BELOW LEFT: We had a singer out because of surgery. Rather than replace him with a fill-in, which can sometimes be more trouble than it's worth, we just did the show without a fourth guy this particular evening.

BELOW RIGHT: Another concert, another day, this one in Reno, Nevada.  Brenda shot video this evening, and she hasn't had the time to pull some still shots from the footage of the concert.  She took this shot before the show.


EC-CGC in Acoma, NMEC-CGC in Reno, NV 2004

Above left & right photos by Brenda Bouschard:  Copyright © 2006.

CGC 2008

THE SHOW MUST GO ON!           

     Over the last couple of years, we've taken a couple of hits, losing members of our group for health reasons.  This was the first concert we did without Geno after he became ill, his last performance with us in October, 2007.

     My good friend André (2nd guy in line behind me) stepped in and did some quick steppin' and fabulous vocals.

    Ki and Otis rounded out the group for the concert we did in Phoenix, Arizona, in November of 2007.

    Don't forget to check out the memorial page for Geno.  We're grateful to have André, but we'll always miss Geno.

Left photo by Brenda Bouschard: Copyright©2007           



Folks, let's not forget THE COASTERS, the original four who put the music on the map back in the 1950's/60's.

COASTERS R&R Hall of Fame 1987


FROM L to R: Cornell Gunter, Lead Tenor; Billy Guy, Baritone; Manager Lester Sill; William "Dub" Jones, Bass; and Carl Gardner, founding member and Lead Vocalist of THE COASTERS who never left the original recording group since he was handpicked by Lieber & Stoller and Lester Sill in the mid 1950's.

There were only ever two other singers who recorded with THE COASTERS:  They are Bobby Nunn and Leon Hughes who were with THE COASTERS from 1955-57.  When they declined to move from California to new York with the group in 1957 because of a new contract with Atlantic Records, Manager Lester Sill and Songwriters Lieber & Stoller, who were synonymous with the hits of THE COASTERS, released Bobby and Leon from their contracts.  They replaced the two of them with Cornell Gunter and "Dub" Jones.  It is this group of four men....Cornell, Billy, "Dub," and Carl....who are credited with THE COASTERS catapult to the longtime fame they've enjoyed since 1955, as they were the original recording artists of the group.

Cornell Gunter's COASTERS evolved when there was an airplane incident (an engine caught fire), and all of the members of the group except Cornell no longer wanted to fly.   (The SPOTLIGHT and the Review Journal articles above refer to this incident, as well as the caption beneath the RJ picture.)   This was an agreement between Carl and Cornell, as disappointment to fans across the country, even out of the country, was a concern. Even after Cornell's death, Edwin and Charlie maintained a cordial and respectful relationship with Carl and his wife Veta, the Manager for THE COASTERS. Carl and Veta have aided Edwin and Charlie numerous times in fighting bogus groups popping up everywhere, including those of Larry Marshak, none of which are legitimate Cornell Gunter's COASTERS.   If Edwin or Charlie or both are not on the stage, then they are not legitimate Cornell Gunter's COASTERS.  All other former members of CGC are deceased.

Even though Edwin was awarded joint ownership of the name "Cornell Gunter's COASTERS," along with Charlie Duncan, in a Federal District Court, State of Nevada, Clark County, Case No.: CV-S-91-946 HDMLRL, in 1993, out of respect for Carl Gardner and THE COASTERS, he still prefers to present his group as A Tribute to THE COASTERS.  Edwin never allows himself to be booked as THE COASTERS, only as Cornell Gunter's COASTERS featuring Edwin Cook.


In Memory Of:

Cornell Gunter 11/14/1936 - 02/27/1990

William "Dub" Jones 05/14/1928 - 01/16/2000

Billy Guy 09/20/1925 - 11/15/2002


I hope you enjoyed this collection of photos from my years with Cornell Gunter's COASTERS.



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