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Nostalgia Lane With The Buck Ram Platters

Nostalgia Lane With Cornell Gunter's COASTERS
1993 Federal Court FINAL JUDGEMENT


Thank you for visiting my personal photo gallery.  All photos are taken by my manager Brenda at various performances and locations throughout our travels.  I'm sure many of you will recognize certain shots, being that you were there.  She always has a video camera, a still camera and a computer in her hands, so you never know what she'll shoot.  Enjoy!

EC GQ Full


EC 16 Years Old-First Talent Contest Win

LEFT: I was 16 years old. It was my first talent contest win, and I was on my way!  I knew I would always make a living as a singer.

BELOW: When I began pursuing a solo career in 2001, this was my first experience of MY name in lights without a group. Cookin' Time was the name I gave my band.  My manager Brenda Bouschard convinced me I needed to be marketed as an ACT, not as a band; thus, The Edwin Cook Show was announced in a press release by our publicist Norm Johnson, and "Edwin C" has been forever dropped.

      Silverton Marquee


The Edgewater TonightEC at The EdgewaterIn Kokopelli's


You may recognize these next six shots, as they've been published numerous times in newpapers, magazines or on venue posters.


Image 001Image 002


Image 003Image 004


Image 005Image 006


Brenda has done quite a bit of shooting during my performances, and we'd like to share just a few of those photos with you, most of which have never published until now.


Image 007Image 008


Image 009Image 010


Image 011Image 012


I've had fun wtih my cowboy.  How do you do Country Music unless you wear a cowboy hat and strum a guitar?  I figured that if Charlie Pride can make his mark, so can I; and, it doesn't hurt to have another black cowboy singing country music.

Cowboy 1Cowboy 2Cowboy 3


Cowboy 4Cowboy 5


Trumpet 1Trumpet 2

As you know from reading my bio, I am originally from New Orleans. I do a segment in my show dedicated to the spirit of New Orleans with the second line made famous by musicians marching their deceased to Heaven while playing "When the Saints Go Marching In" as they march from the memorial to their departed friend's home.  It's not just a New Orleans cultural event: It's become a serious part of the jazz musicians' world.


Meet "Blelvis," A.K.A. Black Elvis. When speaking of my roots, I have to interject Elvis into my act, as he was from Mississippi with the heavy jazz and blues influence of New Orleans. When he first hit the airwaves people actually thought he was black, so how could I ignore him?

I don't do serious impressions, as I do not want to be known as an impersonator.  It's all in fun, as comedy is a huge part of my show no matter what I'm doing. People seem to get a real charge out of that crazy wig and my "Elvis Dance." The truth is...I love the music he did, and he certainly made his mark in our Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues music worlds. The only serious side to this impression is the tribute I try and pay to his incredible legacy.



Image 013Tribute to Sammy-Mr. BojanglesImage 014


ABOVE CENTER is my tribute to Sammy Davis, Jr., with the tune "Mr. Bojangles." I met Sammy and worked with him years ago on a Las Vegas stage in an all-star line-up.  He was a very gracious man, just like the performer you saw onstage.

FLANKING on the left & right, I must've been playing a left hand "air" guitar.  Who knows?  I was just havin' fun.


James Brown 1

Talk about a fun impression: EVERYone loves James Brown, the famous Godfather of Soul.

That man has some seriously charged energy, and trying to do justice to him takes a whole lot of voltage.

I have to say that he's one of my favorites to do, and the screaming of the audience tells me he's a favorite of everyone else's, too.

There's only one James Brown, so thanks JB for sharing your talent and giving me something else to do onstage.  But those JB signature splits


James Brown 2


James Brown 3James Brown 4James Brown 5


Stevie 1Stevie 2


Stevie 3

Stevie is another beloved favorite and runs neck & neck to James Brown in requests.

LEFT: It was too funny to resist checkin' out a reaction I heard coming from my left.

Stevie 4

Stevie 5


BELOW LEFT: A tribute to the blues, "Birth of the Blues;" It kind of goes hand in hand with the "second line" tribute I do with my trumpet and "When the Saints Go Marchin' In," and I often perform them together, along with Iko Iko.

BELOW CENTER: That was my Prince, "Purple Rain," but tell me that doesn't look like a Jimi Hendrix stance.  That was a 'by accident' shot when Brenda had to reload the camera so fast that she couldn't advance far enough into the film to meter the shot (manual shooting).  Thus, the dramatic aura that worked out pretty good!
BELOW RIGHT: My Johnny Mathis and "Misty." Brenda was shooting with such low light she asked me not to move so that she wouldn't have to use a flash and lose the atmosphere.  Those of you who've seen me perform know I can't stand still, but I did try.

Image 015Prince-HendrixEC as Johnny Mathis



This is a new production we've launched on a larger scale than what you see here; however, it's The Edwin Cook show and whatever artists I invite as my guests for any particular booking. This show is generating interest on concert stages and for showroom venues, and we expect it to do very well. Included in the show is "Edwin Cook & Friends, A COASTERS Tribute." Joining me with Otis & Bruce is Geno Williams (on the end in black), the synonymous bass voice of The Buck Ram Platters for 25+ years, on all their recordings during his tenure.

Concert Show Opener


BELOW: Of course, I have to present some of my impressions when I host my invited guests.  As you can see from viewing this site there are a few, and you never know which ones will be willing to perform on any given stage.


Edwin Cook Show with Special Guest Artists


Don't forget to check out under the Press Release Page.    Brenda had a couple of press releases on this show. There's an article by Norm Johnson, my regular publicist, and Alan Mariochi, owner of The Laughlin Entertainer who's taken quite a liking to us.


EC & Motown Revue


BELOW: There's an interesting story behind this magazine cover.  Alan Mariochi, owner and senior editor of the Laughlin Entertainer, had previously written a story on me and my show and had written some grossly false information, of no fault of his own.  Brenda had just started managing me, and she wasn't a happy camper over this article, to say the very least.  People in charge of the show had "failed" to allow her to do her job, giving her approval and clearance on any/everything published on me...pictures, articles...whatever. The only thing correct in that first article was the fact I'm from New Orleans. NOTHING...and I do mean nothing...else was even remotely factual.

So Brenda contacted Alan through an e-mail, introduced herself, and politely presented the truth and asked what could be done to correct these mistakes.  He called her apologizing immediately after reading her e-mail, and the first words out of his mouth were,  "Wow...we really screwed up, didn't we?"  She, of course...and those of you who know her know she says it like it is...said very calmly, "Yes, you did."   To which Alan replied, "I guess I owe you."   She said, "Yes, you do."  She expressed to him that she knows the article can only be as good as the information provided, and obviously no one in charge of the concert informed him that I have a manager that requires written approval of copy before printing.   He then offered to rectify this situation by doing a feature article on me...a complete spread.   She wasn't totally satisfied with that deal and said, "I want the front cover."  He said, "OK...I believe we can work that out in a future issue."

The rest is history.  It was more than nine months after the release of the corrected full spread feature article, and Alan delivered that promise without ever having to be reminded.  He's been a great friend and promoter of my show.  I have to say that I've gotten more press over the years she's been managing me than in all of my previous years of show business put together. She knows how to work 'em! In a good way, of course, without compromise of professional or personal integrity.


Laughlin Entertainer Cover


BELOW: A series of more action shots.  Are you beginning to believe me when I say she always has a camera in her hands?  Just be glad she didn't post all she's ever taken.  You'd never get through this gallery.


Image 016Image 017Image 018


Image 019Image 020 Image 021


Birthday1  2005

LEFT & BELOW:  We were at The Casa Blanca Resort in Mesquite, Nevada, for my birthday 12-01-05.  Brenda is always thinking advertising and marketing and turned it into a party and PR function involving the audience.  She presented a personal cake to me onstage, as well as a HUGE cake wheeled in for the audience.  We gave away several CD's in random drawings throughout the evening, and everyone signed that huge birthday card (sitting in front of us washed out by stage lights.)  We gave the gifts, as we really appreciate the continued support of my fans and friends.  Thank you so very much!  We won't forget you:  After all, ALL OF YOU SIGNED MY CARD!

    Birthday2 2005













Image 022Image 023Image 024

      Image 025

Thank you for visiting my photo gallery. I hope you enjoyed it.

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